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Be sure to click through and support our local mom-preneurs with their businesses!  We typically only accept one representative from each industry to reduce conflicts of interest, and we welcome new members on a first-come-first-serve basis.  You may see where we have made exceptions based on member permission, and we are always open to discussing the benefits of including new companies in similar arenas.  If you have a business and you see an opportunity to join one of our chapters, please reach out to the County Chair Leader and review our Join Today page for more details!

Executive Board Members and County Chapter Leaders

Since this is a community which is operated by business owners, we have to remember to introduce ourselves as organization members too. Please allow us to introduce you to the women which continue to strive and grow the Moms In Business support network.  For full details on the businesses run in our non-traditional 9-5 schedules, please see the individual business directory sections below. 

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    Executive Board Members are eligible to promote their businesses in all chapters, which is why their business descriptions are found separate from their initial chapter.
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    County Chapter Leaders are represented within their respective Chapter so new members are able to connect with their entire organization.
Marea Adejuwon Turn Key Blog Team, Co-Founder

Co-Founding Member, Executive Treasurer

When Maureen was talking about starting her own organization to support women in business, I was interested in supporting her in every way possible.

We continue to work together to grow the Moms In Business organization, and I look forward to serving the Bizzy Moms of our communities.

The products and services of the Turn Key Blog Team for website design and social media tips are offered to all members nationwide. My full business description is found in the Executive Board Member section below.

If you need to reach me for Moms In Business related questions, my club email address is Have a great day!

Maureen Daniels MIB Founder

MIB Founder

Started Moms In Business in January 2016.

Business Directory of MIB Members

Executive Board Members

Somerset County Chapter - The Founding Chapter, where it all started

Mercer County Chapter - Launched Summer 2017!

Open Call for Expansion to Future Counties and States in an Area Near You!

We opened our first new chapter on June 7th, 2017, in Mercer County, with the drive and enthusiasm of Kerri Fox, the Mercer County Chapter Leader.  Since then, current members have asked about opening additional chapters closer to them or in other areas where they want to grow their businesses.  Once we have a handle on how best to roll out to new regions, we start opening additional counties and states.  If you have a request for a county not mentioned here, then please reach out and let us know your idea.  With true grit and dedication, we come soon to a city near you!