More Fun & What’s New at Montgomery Triple Challenge 2018

September 8, 2018

photos taken by @kapupatelphotography

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Montgomery Triple Challenge comes your way this year with more fun and new challenges for kids and adults.  We listened to last year’s feedback and the 2018 triathlon event is loaded with more kid’s race options and more family entertainment!  Kids have structured races from ages 5 to 17.  For an element of adventure and family spirit, adults are able to participate in our newest triathlon segment with more details included below!  Check out how these new developments were added based on experience, enthusiasm, and a desire to exercise with family and friends!


Scooter or Bicycle?  5, 6, and 7 Year Old Racers Decide!

photos taken by @kapupatelphotography

When we started the triathlon with a biking element, parents asked questions – “What if my son/daughter is still using training wheels?” We said, “That’s great!  Come on out!” Then they asked, “My daughter/son really wants to do the run and the obstacle course, but they don’t know how to ride a bike.  How can we participate?”  Sadly, our hearts ached when we muttered, “Um, next year?  Practice over the summer?  Sorry, if you can’t do all three, then you can’t register.”  OUCH!  It’s moments like these when you start asking yourself the same question – “How can all 5 through 7 year old kids participate?”

Well, this event is about inclusion, celebration, and exercise.  Now, we have added a scooter race for kids 5-7 years who are not able (or interested) to ride a bike. We want to make sure all our kids are able to share in the fun!  When you register, be sure to pick which wheeled equipment – bike or scooter (no motorized versions allowed) – your child plans to use in their race.  So excited to see who pulls up to the race line!  Check out our new registration page!

Award by Place or by Gender?  How about BOTH for ALL Races?!

As we stood around passing out fliers at the Montgomery Fireworks, it felt great to meet people who were excited to participate again this year.  Then, there was that one family – proud papa with brightly beaming smiles on two beautiful daughters in different age groups.  They weren’t excited.  They were ECSTATIC with their racing performance last year!  In fact, they were winners!  He couldn’t have been happier, and they were super pleased with their efforts too!!  One problem – no prizes.  I was crushed!  Did we forget to give it to them?  Was it lost in the mail?  How could they be prize-less!  Oh no!!!  Finally, clarification from dad.  See, boys filled their slots.

OK, more feedback for consideration.  Had awards been given in two categories – girls and boys – then these angels would be rewarded on a level playing field.  At Moms In Business, we all have sons and daughters who we encourage to go that extra mile and persevere to all of their heart’s desires.  When kids want to prove to themselves and others they are capable of going the distance, they deserve to be recognized for their efforts and congratulated on their successes – equally.  Races have been doing it for decades!  Why weren’t we?!

See, when I was 7 years old, I participated in the Fun Run of the 4th Annual City of Camden 10,000 Meter Street Run with my father.  He rooted me on, and stayed beside me as I sat on the curb to tie my shoes.  People continued to run past us, as he patiently waited.  Then, we continued on, crossed the finish line, and surprise of all surprises – I WON!!!!!  Being the youngest competitor in the race, I received a first place trophy from the Mayor.  Despite that race being long discontinued, I still have the trophy and the newspaper article, (even after all these many years ago).  I believe Dad finished the race as the 54th male in his age group.  He was more proud of my accomplishment instead of caring how he did.  It’s similar moments like this we want to bring to our local community here in Montgomery.

You ask for it, and we see how to make it happen!  At the 2nd Annual Montgomery Triple Challenge, we are proud to announce awards are to be given to guys and gals in the first, second, and third place position within each age group.  So exciting to award 6 people (3 girls and 3 boys) in each race to cross the finish line!  Keep sharing those great ideas and asking those hard questions!

What About My Big Brother / Big Sister?  Can They Race Too?  New Race for 14 – 17 Year Old Kids!

Alex Obe of Iron Core Boot Camp

As your kids get older, you understand the need to find activities which are good for a diverse set of age groups.  We had lots of racers last year with older brothers and sisters with lots of energy to participate and no race to enter.  We found something for them too!

Last year was our first year.  We worked with what we had, and we made it work as best as possible.  By the time we were done, we had parents eager to get involved and participate in the event planning for our 2018 triathlon.  Enter Alex Obe, parent to Jax, who was the first place winner in the 8-10 year old age group.  Alex is more than an active and athletic parent.  He is the creator of Iron Core Bootcamp in Princeton, and he is also Owner and Operator of P.T.S. Health and Fitness.

New Triple Challenge for kids 14-17 years brought to you by Alex and his team as he gets their core working hard in a mini-bootcamp competition.  As 4 people participate simultaneously, kids are able to challenge their friends and adults of their choosing to a 3-tier race of spinning bikes, tire jumping and some final core exercises.  Bring your A game for this fun addition for older teens and adults – Game ON!

What About Me Too?  I Want to Play / Help / Participate!!!

With each year, new ideas come to fruition as we strive to make every season memorable and fun for kids of all ages, including the parents who are young at heart!  Stay tuned for new developments by registering for our newsletter, liking our Moms In Business NJ Facebook page, and marking yourself as Interested or Going to our event for the Montgomery Triple Challenge.

For those fellow parents eager to help, we are always accepting volunteers and vendors.  Please note, all vendors are encouraged to provide entertainment and activities free of charge to all guests.  Their goods and services promote safety, good health, and education for families and children in individuals and groups.

In addition, we are accepting Sponsors for Montgomery Triple Challenge which is a fundraiser to benefit the Montgomery EMS and Rocky Hill EMS.  Sponsors are a major part of the success of all fundraising events. We thank our sponsors from last year and look forward to your participation this year.  We always welcome new sponsors.  This year Sponsors have already signed up to sponsor specific areas of our event, including but not limited to Sponsoring the obstacle Course, the Races, the water station, the racing bibs etc.  If you are interested in sponsoring at this community and fundraiser event please click here.

Click to see all race day details and see where to register, sponsor, promote your business or organization and even lend a hand!




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