Silent Auction for Montgomery Triple Challenge

September 18, 2017

UPDATE:  Tricky Tray Auction was regrettably removed from the Montgomery Triple Challenge due to unforeseen circumstances.  With all of the amazing contributions, Moms In Business is actively seeking to host another event in support of Montgomery EMS with the tricky tray auction included.  As we learn more, then we are sure to keep you posted as soon as possible.  Be sure to register for our newsletter and confirm your subscription to stay connected.  Check for messages from  Again, thank you for your support, and we look forward to putting together a successful auction in the near future.  Here are more details…

Fun for Adults at Kids Triathlon

The Moms In Business members prepare to showcase their products and services in a Tricky Tray as part of fundraising efforts for Montgomery EMS Squad 47.  If you haven’t yet heard about the Montgomery Triple Challenge kids triathlon, then be sure to check out our earlier blog post.

When planning a kids event, the parents and guardians matter too.  Everyone needs to have their attention engaged for a good cause.  Local vendors we already know and love are included as well for a full community representation.  All race participants get one free red ticket.  Now, learn what all that means…

What is a Tricky Tray?

If you’re new to Tricky Trays, then you are in great company.  When our member, Elizabeth Occhipinti, made the recommendation, we had to go do a Google search, and we discovered A LOT!  In fact, they are pretty popular!

“A Chinese auction is a combination of a raffle and an auction that is typically featured at charity, church festival and numerous other events. Can also be known as penny social, tricky tray or pick-a-prize according to local custom, or to avoid causing offense.” – Wikipedia

For us, we’ve started to refer to it as a Tricky Tray Auction.  We plan to have auctioneers throughout the event sharing with you the available packages.

Tricky Tray Rules*

*Rules are subject to change before the event as we get details finalized and tickets available for purchase.  In general, this is our planned direction with little to no changes anticipated.  Cash and credit cards to be accepted on day of event for purchase of tickets.

Ticket Details

  • To win a prize, you will need to purchase tickets and place them in a container next to the items you would like to win.
  • Prize baskets are divided into 2 groups, Level 1 (valued up to $70) and Level 2 (valued over $70).
    • Only Red tickets can be placed in Level 1 bins.
    • Only White tickets can be placed in Level 2 bins.
  • Every race participant gets 1 Red ticket, and additional tickets are available for purchase.
  • Minimum ticket purchase $10 equating to…
    • 10 Level 1 (red) tickets OR 2 Level 2 (white) tickets
  • Able to purchase more tickets for $20 equating to…
    • 25 Level 1 (red) tickets OR 5 Level 2 (white) tickets
  • Combo pack for $25 equates to…
    • 10 Level one tickets and 5 Level 2 tickets
  • You can deposit as many tickets as you want in a given container to increase the odds of winning.
  • Be sure to retain your ticket stub, as this will be needed to claim your prize.
  • Once your tickets are placed in the bags, they cannot be retrieved.

Prize Details

  • One raffle ticket will be chosen at random for each prize offered.
  • Ticket drawings begin during the third race.  All tickets need to be deposited prior to the start of the third race. Winners will be announced after the third race winners are presented their awards.
  • Winners must be present to claim their prize. Leaving the event early is forfeiting any potential prizes.
  • Prizes can be picked up after winners are announced and before event ends. Prizes need to be claimed no later than 1⁄2 hour after the end of the event. Any left over baskets will be reused/donated at the discretion of Moms In Business.
  • All prizes come as is. All prizes are final. There will be no refunds or exchanges given.
  • The committee is not responsible for any prize once its winner claims it.
  • All committee members have registered race participants, and thereby are able to purchase raffle tickets and win prizes.
  • When chosen, winners have accepted and hold harmless Moms In Business, its agents, volunteers and employees.

Come On Out and Join Us!

Montgomery Triple Challenge starts on October 1st, 2017, at 1 pm.  Once the tables are set up, then the Tricky Tray Auction is open!  This is just the start of a list of some of the prizes available.

Level 1 Prizes (Red Tickets) – Valued up to $70

  • Curries and Chutney’s – 4 Gift Certificates of $5 from MIB Member, Sheetal Sharma.  VALUED at $20
  • Family Fun Hobbies – Gift Certificate.  VALUED at $25
  • Mi Tesoro – Bracelet from MIB Member, Jaya Subramanian.  VALUED at $25
  • Mi Tesoro – Necklace from MIB Member, Jaya Subramanian.  VALUED at $35
  • Mi Tesoro – Necklace from MIB Member, Jaya Subramanian.  VALUED at $35
  • Joe’s Pizza – Gift Certificate.  VALUED at $50
  • Joe’s Pizza – Gift Certificate.  VALUED at $50
  • Embella Box – Custom Handmade Boxes by MIB Member, Shazia Buskens.  VALUED at $65
  • And more….


Level 2 Prizes (White Tickets) – Valued over $70

  • LulaRoe Shelley Elle – Comfortable outfit from MIB Member, Shelley LaBaw.  VALUED at $70
  • Salon Dare – Gift card for color, cut, and blow dry or other equivalent.  VALUED at $95
  • Thirty-One by Diana Berenter – Assorted Seasonal Bags and $25 Gift Certificate from MIB Member, Diana Berenter.  VALUED at $100
  • PTS/Ironcore Bootcamp – 1 Month Membership to P.T.S., 1 Personal Training Session and 1 Iron Core Bootcamp class.  VALUED at $155
  • Pampered Chef – Collection of kitchen utensils, cookbooks, and spices from MIB Member, Saundra Post.  VALUED at $176
  • Belle Mead Garage – Gift certificate for full car detail.  VALUED at $189
  • All of Me TLC –  Transformational Life Coaching Session with MIB Member, Annette Villaverde. VALUED at $200
  • KapuPatel Photography – Photo session with MIB Member, Kapu Patel.  VALUED at $225
  • Hillsborough Dentistry – Dr.’s Pullen, Peterson, Brower & Hanson – Teeth bleaching, automatic toothbrush, and various dental hygiene supplies from MIB Member, Dr. Tessa Hanson.  VALUED at $595
  • And more….


Contributions Yet to be Valued

  • Put It There, LLC
  • Tender Lovin Grill
  • Traveling Vineyard
  • PunchBugKIDS
  • And More…

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